Writing Services

Need content for your business, blog, or brand? Elizabeth Rago is a freelance writer and creative consultant driven by a mad desire to produce energy charged and memorable content.

What do you mean by “content”?

Blog posts (If a person walked into your business, you wouldn’t ignore them, you’d engage! Articles that establish you as a reputable source of information is the perfect way to keep your site alive and appease the Google gods who actively search out sites that help customers.)

Press releases (Have a new product to launch that you want everyone in the world to know about? Putting together a press release is a fantastic way to alert local media to what’s happening under your roof.)

Website copy (Think about what’s on your website that may need some explanation: company history, employee bios, product descriptions, etc.)

Newsletters (Oh, the daunting task of writing a newsletter. Just one more task to take off your plate.)


Content for printed sales collateral 



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