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If you need a quick read, we’ve got you covered. From short stories to novellas, Nibble Fiction will give you just the dose of imaginary friends you need to brighten up your day. Our debut novella, On Tenterhooks, is available on Amazon and the following retail shops:

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On Tenterhooks Book Fiction Elizabeth Rago

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Synopsis: A story of hope despite the hand you’re dealt, On Tenterhooks is the story of Lucy, a job-hopping and scattered young woman, and her best friend Claire, a brilliant entrepreneur and single mother. Their lives simultaneously come to a halt when they discover the diary of a young woman hidden in the walls of Lucy’s Chicago apartment.

The story reveals all too similar parallels to their own lives and comfort knowing women (no matter what era in which they are living) all wrestle with similar struggles.

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Coming Summer 2019

The neighbor Womens Fiction Suspense Elizabeth Rago

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Recently divorced, Elizabeth and her two teenage children, Tim and Renee, move into a new home and begin to experience strange happenings in their 100-year-old cottage.

Coming Winter 2019

Ablaze Novella Elizabeth Rago


I loved this novella. I was so sorry to see it end. Great characters and story!

Coreen Cammarano

On Tenterhooks is a beautiful story about friendship and the everyday struggles that women face. The story takes place in present-day Chicago. But, when Lucy discovers a journal hidden in a wall in her apartment, she also learns of another woman’s story from the past. Bottom line-I LOVED IT. There are some truly beautiful descriptions and the characters! Lucy and Claire felt real. And, granny? Adored her. It was one of those books that I looked forward to going back to like a warm cup of coffee. The trials and tribulations of the women truly resonated with me. I think this novella will appeal to women of all generations.

Mel Koberlein